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Soft skills such as communication, time management, and resilience underpin the success of any organisation.

Their importance will only be amplified with the fourth industrial revolution, as businesses start to rely more and more on what machines can’t do.

With this in mind, we’ve developed 4 courses that will help you and your business futureproof your people with the soft skills and personal development needed to successfully navigate the fourth industrial revolution.

All delivered inhouse and inline with your business.

Creating High Performers

Are you looking to future proof your people’s skillset?

You’re in the right place. 

This 2 day course will equip your people with the soft skills they need to successfully navigate through the fourth industrial revolution. Focusing on the 3 core soft skills that underpin high-performance your people will bring the following skills to your business:

Time management – Improving their productivity, efficiency, and ability to prioritise and manage their workload more effectively.

Influencing skills – developing their ability to powerfully communicate with others and modify other’s attitudes and behaviour where appropriate.

Teamwork – how to use different behaviours, tips and techniques to promote effective teamwork, and an understanding of how different personalities create balanced teams.


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Communication Skills

Are you one of thousands of businesses struggling with a communication skills gap?

We can help.

Our 1-day course is designed to measurably improve the communication skills of your people. By taking part in this course, your people will bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Skilful questioning – the ability to gather better information, learn more, build stronger relationships and manage the communication with others more effectively.

  • Active listening – how to quickly understand an issue and formulate a better solution, build trust and respect with peers and clients and successfully diffuse conflict through better communication.

  • Psychological types – better understand themselves and those around them, resulting in a more effective, resilient and happier team.

  • Building rapport – resulting in mutual trust and respect with peers, more engaged teams and increased motivation and loyalty. It also builds stronger, more receptive relationships with clients.

  • Effectively sharing information – how to gather and share information in a way that inspires trust and confidence while help others to learn more effectively.
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Effective Time Management

Are you looking to improve your learner’s efficiency and productivity through effective time management?

You’re in the right place.

Our 1-day effective time management course can equip your learners with the following key skills:

  • Self-awareness – the ability to analyse existing time management and change habits where appropriate.

  • Prioritising – prioritise work and tasks in relation to key objectives, purpose and job role.

  • Organisation – plan and schedule tasks while factoring in importance and urgency, and the reactive nature of some tasks.

  • Coping with distractions – successfully manage interruptions, minimising their impact on planned work.

  • Digital communication – manage the distractions of digital communication alerts and utilise email communication.

  • Delegation – identify the benefits of delegation for both the delegator and recipients and administer a process for effective delegation.

  • Action plan – apply the key learning points to their day-to-day work using their personalised action plan.


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Your organisation is only as resilient your people. And, with organisational change and transformation becoming the new normal, it’s more important than ever support the resilience of your people.

That’s where we can help.

Our 2-day course delivered in-house and in-line with your business objectives will help people at all levels improve their resilience through physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

By the end of this course your learners will benefit from the following:

  • Self-awareness – understand how their current approach and level of resilience is positively or negatively impacting their work and home life.

  • Self-management – learn how to remaining productive even when experiencing disruptive change.

  • Coping with change – gain the tools and techniques for developing a more realistic, creative and positive approach to change.

  • Being positive – how to ultimately build a more optimistic and can-do mind-set.

  • Personal wellbeing – understand how physical and emotional self-care can impact quality of life and techniques for improving personal wellbeing.

  • Action plan – how to apply the key learning points to their day-to-day work using their personalised action plan.


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