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Our client, a large global financial institution, introduced a new Desktop Transformation Programme (DTP) as part of an organisation-wide IT initiative that upgraded workstation experience for all users.

The result was a faster, more secure and more collaborative single desktop environment which reduced support costs.

DTP delivered a single desktop solution appropriate for all business divisions by consolidating current desktop builds into one configuration comprising of operating system, Microsoft Office, appropriate security solutions and the ability to log on to the IT infrastructure more flexibly.


The company operated on three separate workstation builds and their supporting infrastructures. Consolidating these three separate environments into a group wide standard, rather than upgrading and then maintaining each platform independently, had significant operational, cost and functional benefits.

Once a single, standardised platform was implemented, emerging technologies could be quickly and efficiently integrated and leveraged.

The audience were located over many sites worldwide meaning that the training solution needed to enable helpdesk teams to learn the new environment with as little impact to their working day as possible.


Bray Leino Learning provided a global learning solution to encourage Support Technicians to familiarise themselves with the key aspects of the programme, how DTP would benefit them, and what they could do to prepare for the exciting transition.

The blended solution, which was rolled out over a six month period to hundreds of employees, offered a wide range of support materials and online virtual classes. The incorporation of eLearning and facilitated communication between participants via the platform created a result driven, relationship building programme.

Delegates were given the opportunity to provide feedback on their own training and future needs and allowed them to undertake learning in their own, at their workstation, which was critical to the success of this solution.

All of the three hour virtual classroom sessions were scheduled to enable delegates to fit the training into their working day, consolidate their learning and immediately put into practice what was learnt.


Underpinned by a virtual learning environment, the DTP was implemented successfully and the client was delighted with not only the results of the learning, but also the platforms ability to facilitate international office collaboration.

The vLearning platform created a substantial cost saving solution compared with face-to-face training. As a result of this saving, the platform paid for itself within the first year. Other considerable benefits were identified as being the significant   contribution to the organisation’s Environmentally Sustainability targets, the automation (with consequent savings) of all administration and logistical tasks and the legacy of improved collaboration and sharing of best practice between international offices.