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The required outputs were that by the end of the course, participants would be able to: 

  • Use basic, generic competency/behavioural based interview techniques
  • Use effective questioning techniques to establish evidence of competence/behaviour and to control an interview
  • Demonstrate effective questioning, listening and non-verbal skills
  • Accurately record and mark evidence gathered
  • Provide constructive, specific feedback on a candidate’s performance at interview
  • Understand the importance of making a final decision after the interview 

In terms of the build, further requirements were that the content and structure should: 

  • Be more practical and not procedural, process or theory driven 
  • Incorporate and promote Thames Water’s values; Supportive, Purposeful, Challenging, Reliable, Committed
  • Use a range of mixed media such as video, flash, audio etc.


During a comprehensive in-depth scoping meeting, we gathered the relevant process documentation from the client and began to translate this into instructional design. Mindful that we needed to create an engaging module we maximised the use of interaction which would assist the user to understand the learning messages.

Once the client had signed off the instructional design, we quickly moved into technical design and development, sharing our progress with the client regularly. This was a vitally important part of the process as the client could be involved from the start and could provide feedback along the way. This negated any significant changes or amendments at the end of the project. The one and half hour module was complete within 7 weeks, ahead of schedule, much to the client’s delight.