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Daiichi Sankyo Europe wanted a cost effective solution in order to deliver ‘Customer Engagement and iPad use’ workshops to the European affiliate sales teams.    


We discussed with the client the idea of training 15 Daiichi Sankyo trainers from the different affiliates on how to run this workshop, so they could then become champions and gain accreditation to run this workshop back in their own countries. It was agreed that this was a cost effective solution that would be well received. 

We designed and developed a two day bespoke Train the Trainer course for the affiliate trainers, taking into account the current skill set of the intended delegates and their mix of culture in designing an interactive and engaging programme, which would meet the needs of all delegates.

The aim of the Train the Trainer course was to develop competence and confidence in delivering effective workshops on ‘Developing Launch Excellence through Customer Engagement and iPad Use’. 

We also suggested to the client that, to add value and credibility, the course could be accredited by ILM, given that Bray Leino Learning is an accredited ILM centre. This idea was very well received.

The workshop materials were cascaded in seven different languages to ensure effective delivery for all facilitators. This was completed to an extremely high standard, with affiliate trainers commenting that it was the best translation they had ever received.

The Result

The event ran extremely well and received outstanding feedback from both the client lead and the attendees. The client commented that it had ‘exceeded their expectations’. Overall feedback was that everyone had learnt so much and could apply a lot of the learning straight away. The workshop delivery and the materials were completed to a very high standard, with affiliate trainers commenting that this was ‘the best course they had attended in years’. The quality and professionalism of the facilitators was also commended and everyone would recommend not only the facilitators but also the course to their colleagues.

Results following the event showed that confidence in being able to apply the learning and deliver successfully back in the workplace was 100%.


“I commissioned, together with a colleague, a Bray Leino workshop with the focus being on iPad selling. From the first time we had contact with Bray Leino, until the end of the project, it was supported throughout with a collaboration that was highly professional, always on time and precise. We already had high expectations and they not only delivered to them but exceeded them. The attendees were from the beginning engaged by the two facilitators and took a great deal away with them from the event. It has been a long time since I have seen so many enthusiastic attendees! Also to note was the translation of the materials which were of an exceptionally high quality in seven languages. I can highly recommend Bray Leino and I look forward to the next time we can engage them here in the European Headquarters.”

Susanne Kellenaers, Director of Multichannel Management

 “I have worked closely with Bray Leino since joining Daiichi Sankyo Europe in 2014. Over the past 12 months, they have consistently delivered high quality training activities and project management assistance. Kerry Pascall, DSE’s account director, always goes beyond expectations to deliver outstanding customer service. Working with Kerry and the Bray Leino team is a joy because they offer value added partnership working. Their recommendations are made only to further the best interests of the client and not themselves. Coupled with impressive response times to our queries this only strengthens the trust and collaboration between the two organisations. This was exemplified recently when Bray Leino ran an externally accredited train the trainer facilitation course for 15 affiliate colleagues. The feedback we received from these colleagues was some of the best we ever received for a training program. In summary Bray Leino have delivered quality programmes and customer service in equal measure and I look forward to continued partnership working with them.”

Bill Barone, Director of Commercial Capabilities