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What Needed to Change?

Our client, a government department with over 2,300 staff, 55 per cent of which are home workers, had a leadership and management framework in place and used its set of values as the foundation for the framework and its behaviour. 

To build on the success of an IIP achievement, they made a clear commitment to change and recognise its needs to continually develop its people to become a high performing employer of choice. Its commitment to adopting effective approaches enhances and extends the existing skills and talents of its workforce.

Part of their IIP Profile required that managers have and use coaching skills in the routine management of their people, and that this has a demonstrable effect on the improvement of their potential.

With aims to create an organisation that has greater impact, our client wanted to offer the opportunity for senior managers to access coaching using an external network of coaches in the hopes that a culture change would be achieved.

Internal coaching programmes would support this network with plans to build internal capability, eventually creating a self-sufficient coaching model throughout the organisation.


Bray Leino Learning created a programme using coaches with extensive experience, all of which had previously enjoyed successful careers at senior or management level.

Each delegate selected their personal coach and agreed with them a duration for the coaching relationship (either three or five face-to-face sessions with a telephone session midterm). 

During each confidential session participants discussed challenges and key messages such as empowerment, challenging the norm, upwards management, equalities, cross functional working and taking personal responsibility.

Specific issues were targeted and all participating managers were able to understand and develop their skills in order to help their people with the vast variety of challenges that any staff member would face.


The coaching programme was extremely successful, equipping delegates with the knowledge and tools to create a coaching culture within their teams. The scheme, which was rolled out to all senior managers, was the start of an organisation-wide coaching model that improved communication and performance levels.