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Hewlett Packard (HP) formed part of a consortium of system integrators to create and deliver a unified IT platform for the MOD that connected over 300,000 users in over 2,000 locations.

The Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) was created to update MOD systems. Some required upgrades, some were outdated and some didn’t have the capability to exchange information accurately enough to meet the required demands.

As the largest, most complex information infrastructure rollout in Europe, the platform was critical to the future of the MOD and how it communicated. It was therefore critical that users received high quality training, in the format they wanted and just at the time they needed it.

The infrastructure and the training support was designed to be completely secure and user-centric. The service was fully managed and able to provide user support 24/7, 365 days a year, worldwide. The end result was seamless internal communication, allowing for effective collaboration between departments of the MOD.


With an entire overhaul of worldwide systems, the delivery of training in the new platform was vital to the success of the project. The sheer volume of geographically disparate users meant that the training solutions needed to be efficient and effective, with as little impact as possible on the users’ working day.

The bespoke platform also meant that selected consultants needed to have a thorough understanding of the system prior to delivering any training.  This meant that it was vital for any selected consultants to be experienced in quick knowledge development and product understanding.


Bray Leino were commissioned to supply 43 experienced consultants to obtain a thorough understanding of the system, before delivering training to users internationally.

This training included floor-walking, which allowed users to have access to regular and skilled support without impacting on their working day. 


The global solution was delivered to tens of thousands of users over an extended period of time as system roll-out took place, ensuring a thorough understanding and capability of the system, allowing for seamless integration into the MOD.

The entire DII project has currently saved the MOD near £1bn. Since its launch, the consortium has transferred over 36 terabytes of data from legacy systems. That’s more than three times the printed collection of the Library of Congress!