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In 2016, one of the UK’s largest passenger airlines were looking to streamline their new staff induction process – helping to onboard 1600 new cabin crew members each year.

Due to the complexity and scale of the business, British Airways were keen to embrace the benefits of digital learning. Through innovation and technology, the airline wanted to enhance the learning experience for their cabin crew induction programme and save a significant amount of time for the business.

Through the creation of a new eLearning induction programme, supported by face-to-face training, Bray Leino Learning delivered a saving of 51,200 hours, or 6,400 days, a year.


The airline’s existing cabin crew induction course included 67 individual training sessions and took a total of 29 days to complete.

Senior stakeholders wanted to digitally transform the programme, to reduce time to competency and produce a better return on investment for the process.

Bray Leino Learning were asked to streamline the entire process, while meeting key performance and efficiency objectives.

The client knew exactly what they wanted. They just needed our expertise in digital learning and instructional design to make it all happen.


  • Technology – identify which technology could deliver their classroom content more efficiently and effectively
  • Experience – create an interactive digital learning experience
  • Efficiency – reduce classroom training, resulting in a reduction in learning time
  • Timescale – deliver the solution within 3½ months


Getting to know the company and its culture as quickly as possible was key to delivering the best digital learning solution, on time and on budget.

Bray Leino Learning spent time in-house getting to know the client and its L&D team to fully understand the organisation and its values. By completing a strategic design review of the course timetable, we identified alternative ways to deliver the programme more efficiently and creatively.

The review also allowed us to determine suitable content for redevelopment as pre-course learning and/or homework, and opportunities to introduce innovation.


Compliance was a key part of this solution, as a lot of the content related to strict safety guidelines. So, in collaboration with in-house experts, we ensured the digital learning complied with Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.

Working with the client, we agreed the outcomes and level of complexity of each module, before assessing how they could be innovated, and deciding what technology to use.

Due to stakeholders’ demanding operational responsibilities, delivering the project on schedule was complicated – but not impossible. To ensure the project was delivered on time, we arranged feedback sessions for all parties at their central London HQ and Heathrow Airport base.

Our robust project management process ensured we met the extremely tight final deadline.

Thanks to our flexibility and agility, we hit every project milestone, and delivered all objectives on time.


In total, we delivered 36 eLearning modules, lasting from 15 minutes through to 60 minutes for more complex topics.

As part of the new eLearning course, we created innovative online simulations of the electronic system that is used on board the commercial passenger aircrafts.

Embracing the benefits of learning technology, the course included three original interactive games and bespoke video, demonstrating service excellence.


  • The new training process saved 51,200 hours or 6,400 days per year for the business. This was a time saving of 32 hours per cabin crew member, with new delegates reaching readiness much sooner than was originally thought possible.
  • Our 36 new eLearning modules used a mix of digital technologies to deliver an innovative, interactive learning experience. Together, these videos, simulations, and training games made the learning enjoyable and engaging, helping the content to stick.
  • We achieved the strategic business objective of reducing the length of the onboarding process by five days, saving over 50,000 hours of face-to-face training. This led to improved competency and efficiency, saving both time and money for BA.


“We cannot believe that you know our business and our content [...] we only gave you the content a couple of days ago – it’s absolutely amazing." [BA employee]