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Stephanie Morgan

Director of Learning Solutions

Stephanie been in L&D 20 years and never has the L&D landscape been so complex. It is full of the promise of new technology, it is striving to meet many different learning needs, it is trying to be virtual and mobile and social – the list goes on. It is her job to cut through all that and help customers get solutions that help them achieve their objectives AND engage their learners in a truly modern way.

Stephanie thinks the win-win of L&D is often overlooked, but believes that great learning, which helps individuals grow, in turn helps organisations grow. The key to this is engaging the learners and their managers to want to develop. 

That’s why she champions ‘ME Plc’ – what are you doing to drive your own career and build your own brand? This goes hand in hand with Learner Engagement, what can the organisation do to help and support learners in their learning journey?

At Bray Leino Learning, Stephanie drives our social agenda and how that can support learning. She challenges the traditional thinking on blended learning solutions, helping organisations move beyond the blend to truly incorporate 70:20:10.

What she loves are people; meeting them, building long term relationships with them and helping them shine, business wise, it’s her job to build a fantastic team and ensure we design and deliver brilliant learning solutions.

Stephanie is available to speak on these topics, specifically around learner engagement and blended learning. So, if you are hosting an event and are interested in having an industry leader in blended learning and learner engagement present, please get in touch.

You can check out her boards on Pinterest or connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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