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Annette Quinn Stop struggling from email overload

Stop struggling from email overload
Monday August 3, 2015

What was life like back in the days before email was invented? I remember! It wasn’t quite as easy but we managed. We got through the day and communicated effectively by phoning people, meeting them for a coffee and a chat and by sending memos.

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Annette Quinn What is Time Management?

What is Time Management?
Monday May 18, 2015

When I run management courses, the need to manage time comes up as a required development area for most managers. Whether they are first line or at senior level, this is the one area they always feel they could do better in.

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Rachel Matthews What are soft skills and why do you need them?

What are soft skills and why do you need them?
Monday November 24, 2014

Soft skills refer to a range of skills which many people feel are intangible, unmeasurable or “cut and dried”. They are things such as personality traits, communication, personal habits, relationship skills and more. They are perceived to be soft because they find it harder to define, but in my view soft skills are the oil in the engine. They leverage hard skills and help you to get infinitely more results.

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