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Is there a place for mindfulness in the workplace?

Is there a place for mindfulness in the workplace?
Tuesday January 5, 2016

I was recently part of a group of leadership and management trainers and one turned to me and said - 'I can't get into all this mindfulness stuff, I just can't see how it is of any use for managers. Managers need tools they can use'.

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Rachel Matthews Get some headspace

Get some headspace
Friday February 20, 2015

Part of our Resilience Programme focuses on mindfulness and the importance of meditation. As we all know it can be difficult to fit breaks and ‘relaxation time’ into our daily routines. Other tasks and important deadlines always take precedent.

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Teresa Lovell Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work
Monday November 10, 2014

The human brain is a pretty amazing organ when you stop and think about it. My father had a stroke earlier this year, and watching his recovery makes me realise how resilient the brain is.

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