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Stephanie Morgan How healthy is your L&D strategy?

How healthy is your L&D strategy?
Tuesday July 3, 2018

Find out with the 2018 L&D Health Check! As proud ambassadors of Towards Maturity, we are delighted to introduce you to their 2018 L&D Health Check. It's a great opportunity for you to find out how your learning strategy is shaping up. All you need to do is answer a set of quick questions that reflect on your L&D accomplishments and aspirations.

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Lauren Dennish The future of learning

The future of learning
Wednesday June 27, 2018

Our new whitepaper, released in June 2018, reveals tips and approaches on how to apply The Transformation Curve – Towards Maturity’s 2018 Benchmark Research – to your learning strategy. We also dive a little deeper and take an explorative look at what this ground-breaking research means for the future of learning and development.

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Teresa Lovell Demystifying ROI in learning

Demystifying ROI in learning
Wednesday June 20, 2018

For many L&D professionals, measuring ROI can be a bit of an enigma despite it being increasingly important in proving the value of learning and development. To help demystify measuring ROI in learning, Teresa has put together a helpful infographic that sums up the basics.

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Stephanie Morgan Discovering the future value of L&D

Discovering the future value of L&D
Wednesday June 13, 2018

Recently I wrote about what the Transformation Curve means for the future of L&D, and it got me thinking about the differing debates on how we measure the value of learning. In order to stay relevant in our organisations, we need to make sure that the value of learning keeps up with the evolving and changing nature of workplace learning.

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Lauren Dennish How to identify low learner engagement

How to identify low learner engagement
Wednesday May 30, 2018

Before we start to think of ways to tackle low learner engagement, it’s important to consider where you stand right now, and how hungry your learners are. I’m all about getting to the root cause of the problem before trying to fix it, so this blog is all about taking a step back and learning how to identify low learner engagement.

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Stephanie Morgan Are you leading with your brain switched on?

Are you leading with your brain switched on?
Wednesday May 23, 2018

The Synaptic Circle is a neuroleadership model created by Amy Brann, which covers the basics all leaders need to be aware of from a brain perspective of how people work. What the research tells us is that if we do not have our needs fully met in the right areas, it starts to undermine our performance.

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Lauren Dennish Can ‘Learning at Work Week’ last all year?

Can ‘Learning at Work Week’ last all year?
Monday May 14, 2018

Learning at Work Week is one of our busiest times of year, supporting our clients as they celebrate all things learning related. We love the inspiration this national week gives to the L&D community but we would love it even more if this momentum lasted all year round – and we think it can!

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