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Are Your Leaders Engaged?

Are Your Leaders Engaged?
Thursday May 1, 2014

The CIPD have published a blog on ‘Seven reasons your employees are not committed’. Upon reading it, it’s clear that the responsibility for engaging employees belongs to an organisation’s leaders.

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Nigel Walpole The Only Way is Effort

The Only Way is Effort
Friday April 4, 2014

Listening to the pundits discussing the results between the German football clubs and their UK rivals in the Champions League this year, one couldn’t help but hear the strong emphasis on ‘support’, ‘team’, ‘work ethic’ and ‘drive’.

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Stephanie Morgan Career Change: How To Rewrite Your Old CV

Career Change: How To Rewrite Your Old CV
Monday February 24, 2014

Recently a friend told me she had received a very disturbing email at work. A contract had come to an end and out of the 36 people working on that contract only 12 roles would remain. The way the organisation chose to tell everyone the roles were ‘at risk’ was to attach an organisational chart to that email. If your role was shaded green you were fine, if it was amber you were at risk. I have assumed those at risk also had a one to one conversation beforehand, but I am not completely certain. Either way, time to dig out that old CV…

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