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Teresa Lovell Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work
Monday November 10, 2014

The human brain is a pretty amazing organ when you stop and think about it. My father had a stroke earlier this year, and watching his recovery makes me realise how resilient the brain is.

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Nigel Walpole Top tips to help you beat procrastination

Top tips to help you beat procrastination
Wednesday October 22, 2014

The word ‘procrastination’ comes from the Latin - ‘pro’ meaning ‘towards’ and ‘cras’ meaning ‘tomorrow’, but sadly I don’t think ‘tination’ means ‘to put off!’ Actually, I don’t want to trivialise this – people suffer from it. Procrastination can make people unhappy and can even become a hazard to personal health and productivity.

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Jane Hulme Working smarter together as a team

Working smarter together as a team
Friday October 17, 2014

We all know the old adage, “work smarter, not harder”. I have a different saying “Work smarter as a team and not harder as individuals”. Instead of being robotic in how I approach tasks, I try to be thoughtful and always ask myself if a task can be done more efficiently as a team rather than as an individual.

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