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Stephanie Morgan Leveraging the podcast love in L&D

Leveraging the podcast love in L&D
Wednesday February 6, 2019

Podcasts are a great way for listeners to tune into content and learn something new while carrying on with their busy on-the-go lifestyle. From experience, adding podcasts to your blended learning mix can help you to engage your learners and support the transfer of learning to the workplace. This blog explores a few of the ways leveraging the podcast love could really kick off your learning solutions.

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Lauren Dennish Learning strategy whitepaper summary

Learning strategy whitepaper summary
Wednesday January 30, 2019

Our new whitepaper, released in January 2019 reveals tips, approaches and techniques to help learning professionals develop their strategic skills and build a successful learning strategy. This whitepaper will help you to align your strategy with the business, successfully measure ROI in learning, and adopt the mindset you need to succeed.

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Stephanie Morgan Back to basics. Do your learners know how to learn?

Back to basics. Do your learners know how to learn?
Monday January 28, 2019

If you’re struggling to create a ‘pull’ learning culture, it might be because your learners have forgotten, or simply just don’t know how to learn. The good news is, there’s something you can do about it. And, that’s teaching your learners how to learn. You can do this by introducing new strategies and tactics which actually help your learners to understand how they learn.

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Stephanie Morgan 5 priority skills for learning professionals in 2019

5 priority skills for learning professionals in 2019
Wednesday January 23, 2019

L&D professionals really want to help their organisations move forwards, but they simply aren’t confident enough in knowing what skills they need to support the drivers of change. So, I’ve pulled out 5 priority skills learning professionals could use to support their organisations as they navigate the future world of work in 2019.

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Stephanie Morgan Tips for a successful learning strategy

Tips for a successful learning strategy
Wednesday January 9, 2019

Knowing where to begin is one of the trickiest parts of writing a strategy. Of course, each learning strategy will look different for every organisation, but I’ve found the following three methods create a great foundation for a successful learning strategy: aligning with the business, using SWOT analysis, and measuring ROI.

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Stephanie Morgan L&D trends for 2019

L&D trends for 2019
Wednesday January 2, 2019

2019 has officially begun! L&D is entering the new year at a bit of a crossroads having learnt some major insights about the future of learning in 2018. So, based on these insights and my own recent experiences and conversations, I’ve pulled together 4 L&D trends that I’m pretty excited about for 2019.

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Lauren Dennish Our gift this Christmas

Our gift this Christmas
Wednesday December 19, 2018

In the UK alone, almost one million older people suffer from chronic loneliness at Christmas. So, this year, instead of sending out corporate gifts, we decided to throw a party for some of the older people local to our community in North Devon. See what it meant to everyone involved in our film of the day.

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Stephanie Morgan The hidden link between marketing and learning professionals

The hidden link between marketing and learning professionals
Wednesday December 12, 2018

Attention learning professionals! You have more marketing skills than you think… Only 50% of learning professionals believe they have the skills they need to start applying marketing to their learning strategy. I find this data really surprising, as there’s actually a huge skills crossover between marketing and L&D, from creating content to planning learner journeys.

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