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Kerry Pascall Love it, Learn it, Live it: our learning approach

There can be little doubt about it: Learning & Development is a rapidly evolving industry that can be hard to keep up with. As industry guru Josh Bersin puts it, evolution in L&D has been ‘blindingly fast’, and we now find ourselves in a digital era filled with new tech and transformative ways of working.   

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As a learning provider, it is our role to continually evolve to match this pace of change, offering organisations a guiding hand as they look to navigate the uncertainty of this ‘VUCA’ climate.

But how do we actually do it?

Introducing Love it, Learn it, Live it

When designing any learning solution, we start with the end in mind, always building in evaluation measures from the outset.

Using our ‘Love it, Learn it, Live it’ philosophy, we combine a range of methods to build up effective blended programmes, aligned with the client’s intended outcomes.

As learners become more like consumers, it’s not enough to just provide a learning solution to captivate and engage them. Neither can you just bolt together different learning methodologies and call that blended learning – even if you did, it wouldn’t necessarily make a great learning experience.

Taking inspiration from Google’s ‘hero, hub, hygiene’ approach to content marketing, our Love it, Learn it, Live it approach breaks learning into segments to reflect the learner journey.

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Love it - 
This comes before we start any learning. We look at why people might engage with the learning, what will hook them in, how we can create excitement and desire.

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Learn it - 
Next, we apply the principles of 70:20:10 and we build the solution that delivers the learning – where the actual learning takes place.

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Live it - Finally, we support learners in the application of the learning, so that we improve learning retention, increase learning application and reinforce the fact that learning happens all the time.

We might use the same methodology in each phase, but because the purpose is different, the way it’s designed and the experience is different. For example:

  • A Love it phase video might be emotive, hooking people in
  • A Learn it video might be more practical and instructive
  • A Live it video could be shorter snippets to aid learning application

What does it look like in practice?

Here’s an example to show how this could come together for an organisation wanting to use blended learning to invigorate its leadership development offering:

  • Love it: We might start by using a blog from the Chief Executive to start the conversation about the benefits of strong leadership, followed by a podcast interview with one of our leaders. Next, there could be a video showing the difference a positive leader has made to someone, and/or a ‘scribe’ clip (where you see the hand draw the content) to hook people into the benefits.
  • Learn it: Next, we might have different types of learning. This could be a short piece of eLearning describing a leadership approach, a ‘handling difficult conversations’ game, face-to-face events with a selection of ‘skill drills’ to let participants practise leadership skills (perhaps using actors for advanced programmes), and ‘How To’ videos for each key skill. All supported by a virtual community network where learners can share experiences and get support.
  • Live it: Finally, we could provide mentoring and/or supervision as they apply the learning, with supportive elements such as toolkits, curated content and access to a thriving leadership network.

If you’re looking to create innovative learning with engagement at its heart, Bray Leino Learning could be the perfect fit. Building on the marketing expertise of our parent company, a UK top-5 B2B agency, we are uniquely placed to deliver something that stands out from the crowd – driving engagement every time.

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Kerry Pascall, Head of Digital Learning, Bray Leino Learning

In my series of blogs you can expect some tips on implementing eLearning, what to consider when commissioning eLearning, design tips, software and authoring pros and cons, and general advice on everything eLearning!

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