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Daniel Pullin Delivering global learning whitepaper summary

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A common challenge our clients face is the need to deliver effective and engaging learning quickly to a global audience.

In our latest whitepaper, published in March 2019, we explore the key challenges of delivering learning to a global audience, and reveal tips and insights on how to overcome them – from localising your learning content to integrating different cultures.

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Understanding the challenges of global learning

Delivering global learning can sometimes feel like a balancing act between ensuring the key message and learning objectives are consistent and tailoring the learning to suit local cultures and languages.

To help you get on the right track, the first part of our whitepaper explores the following 5 key areas you need to consider when delivering global learning:

  • Goals and objectives – the behaviours or skills needed as a result of the learning
  • Cost – the most effective cost versus the most efficient methods
  • Culture –understanding your audience so you deliver culturally relevant learning
  • Customisation and localisation – customising content while aligning with the organisation’s vision
  • Deployment – the practicalities for ensuring successful deployment  

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Taking the right approach for you

The next step is all about identifying the right approach for your organisation and your learners. We look at the following areas to help you strike the balance between making your content culturally relevant and sharing your organisation’s key message:

  • Internationalisation – weighing up the risk of culturally grey content and the cost of customisation
  • Localisation – tailoring the content to appeal to specific audiences
  • Cultural integration – customisation of content to appeal to specific cultures 


The penultimate chapter of our whitepaper is all about considering the pros and cons of different delivery methods. We take you through a proven process to help you decide the right method for your objectives, budget and timescale.

This whitepaper will help you to:

  • Identify the key challenges of delivering global learning
  • Overcoming challenges with practical tips and approaches
  • How to take the right approach for your organisation
  • Decide which delivery method is right for you

Download global learning whitepaper

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Daniel Pullin, Marketing Executive, Bray Leino Learning

A creative content writer with an analytical eye, Daniel enjoys immersing himself in the world of L&D as it navigates a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

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