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Stephanie Morgan How to engage your global learning stakeholders

In last week’s blog, Kerry, our Director of eLearning Solutions brought our attention to the importance of localising your global learning delivery. Kerry touched on a key challenge we often support our global clients with, and that’s ensuring every part of the business is receiving the learning that’s relevant to them while meeting global goals and objectives.

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Today, I want to touch on another crucial element to delivering and deploying successful global learning. I’m talking about your stakeholders. Engaging your local stakeholders could be the secret ingredient to creating an effective learning programme, engaging your global learners, and even measuring the ROI of your learning. So, I’ve put together a few tips and approaches you could take to help you on your way to getting your stakeholders onboard:


It goes without saying that your global learning offer will have been developed to meet a particular learning need within your whole organisation. Despite this, each geographical part of the business is likely to have its own needs, challenges and problems, and its crucial L&D factors these in. A great way to achieve this is by listening to local stakeholders and considering their specific needs and challenges early on in the development stage. This should be an automatic part of the process when localising your global learning offer.

Even if you can’t factor in every individual challenge or need, if your local stakeholders feel heard and listened to early on, they are more likely to be onboard when it comes to delivering learning to their team(s).


Communicating effectively with your local stakeholders can be the deciding factor to getting them onboard with your learning. It’s all about being honest and open when you communicate with your stakeholders and keeping them in the loop throughout the planning and design phases.

If you really want to make an impact, showcase the goals and objectives of your learning plans and make it relevant to them and their part of the business. If your stakeholders have a good understanding of how the learning can impact their people for the better, they are more likely to be engaged, and even encourage their learners to get onboard when the time comes.

Share KPIs

From early on you should have a clear plan for what KPIs you are going to use to measure the ROI of your global learning delivery – so why not share them with your stakeholders? This will support your claims of what your learning might achieve and will demonstrate how committed you are to real results for them and the business.

It’s also likely that you will need to gather ROI data from your stakeholders so you can measure how the programme is performing in their part of the business. If they have a clear understanding of why you need the data, what it’s trying to measure and how analysis might impact the results, they are more likely to be onboard.

Once the learning has been implemented, follow through by sharing the data and reports that showcase what the learning has achieved. This is likely to keep them onside and enthusiastic about any future learning projects.

These techniques make a great starting point for engaging your stakeholders across the business.  Getting your local stakeholders onboard before you rollout your global learning offer can make all the difference to the success of your programme.

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If you’re looking for a helping hand with your global learning delivery, why not take a look at our new whitepaper, Delivering Global Learning? 

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