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Lauren Dennish Learning strategy whitepaper summary

Front Cover Building A Successful Learning Strategy

A strong learning strategy is key to driving business growth and achieving long term goals and objectives.

Learning professionals already know this, with 95% prioritising learning strategy as a key skill for 2019. Despite this, there is still a cloud of uncertainty around how to build a successful strategy as only 55% report that they actually have this skill.

Our new whitepaper, released in January 2019 reveals tips, approaches and techniques to help learning professionals develop their strategic skills and build a successful learning strategy. Download your copy of the whitepaper here.

The big picture

Before you start building your learning strategy, it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. By assessing your current situation, the goals and objectives of your business and any internal and external influences, you will create a more informed picture of where you need to go and how you might get there.

We explore this further sharing a process for assessing your current situation and how you can successfully align with business goals and objectives.

Staying on track

Accountability, results and adaptability are key components to a successful strategy. Our whitepaper gathers processes and methods for staying on track once your strategy is live. It’s as simple as measuring the ROI of your learning and implementing a consistent reporting process so your strategy remains accountable and adaptable.

The mindset of success

Building A Successful Learning Strategy Blog Image

The strategy you build today will change, adapt and eventually expire, but adopting the right mindset is a permanent change that will help you stand out and stay on the path to success.

That’s why the fourth and final step in our whitepaper looks beyond your strategy and explores what mindset you need to adopt to continuously improve, transform and build a culture of lifelong learning within your organisation.

Your learning strategy

At Bray Leino Learning, we are really passionate about supporting learning practitioners to deliver results for their business and their learners.

In the hopes of channelling our passion out towards the learning community, we took our 20+ years’ of experience as a learning provider and built the ultimate learning strategy whitepaper – full of actionable insights and techniques.

This whitepaper will help you to:

  • Align your strategy with the business
  • Build and implement a successful learning strategy
  • Measure the ROI of your learning strategy
  • Adopt the mindset of success

Download the Learner  Engagement Whitepaper Now


Lauren Dennish, Marketing Executive, Bray Leino Learning

Lauren is passionate about exploring new ways that developing a marketing mindset can help L&D – from creating learning cultures to improving learner engagement.

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