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Stephanie Morgan Is the soft skills demand L&D’s biggest challenge for 2019?

You may have noticed that this year the rising demand for soft skills has been a big topic of discussion for me. That’s because I genuinely believe that now is a crucial time for learning professionals to help develop the soft skills of their people. Soft skills have always been an imperative part of business success, and with the demand for soft skills set to rise drastically by 2020, they’ve never been more important.

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Now we’re nearing the end of 2018, it only leaves one whole year before we see a significant increase in soft skills demand. In fact, research is showing that many businesses are already struggling to hire talent with the soft skills they need.

So, all this has got me wondering, is the soft skills demand L&D’s biggest challenge for 2019?

If soft skills aren’t a big part of your 2019 learning strategy yet, maybe it’s time to take a step back and realistically assess whether your organisation is prepared for the changing skills demand.

Having a team of people with a core set of soft skills is a crucial element of a successful business, and with the fourth industrial revolution upon it only becomes more important. If you want to help your business navigate a successful future and gain a competitive advantage with a skilled workforce, 2019 is the year to get prepared.

I’ve been advocating this message throughout 2018, and as the year ends I felt the need to do a little more to help learning professionals take the leap and start preparing their business for the rise of the soft skill, so I have written a whitepaper on how to prepare for the rise of the soft skill.

In the whitepaper I knuckle down into the research, predictions and data, and condense it into 4 key reasons why soft skills are in demand (which you could easily share with your board). I then look at how businesses can start to close the soft skills gaps in their organisation with 4 inventive yet practical steps. All aiming to help you prepare for the rise of the soft skill.

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