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Lauren Dennish The future of learning

Whitepaper Summary

The Future Of Learning Front Cover

Our new whitepaper, released in June 2018, reveals tips and approaches on how to apply The Transformation Curve – Towards Maturity’s 2018 Benchmark Research – to your
learning strategy. Download your copy of whitepaper here.

We also dive a little deeper and take an explorative look at what this ground-breaking research means for the future of
learning and development.

The Transformation Curve

The whitepaper includes an introduction of who Towards Maturity are, and a short and snappy summary of the Transformation Curve, so if you haven’t read it yet (although we strongly recommend you do!) you will walk away a good overview. If you do want to read the full Towards Maturity report, you can download it here.

Adopting a new mindset             

One of the biggest challenges presented in the Transformation Curve, is the need to embrace counter-intuitive thinking. This whitepaper takes a look at what this means for the L&D professional and how to take onboard this new mindset, despite it going against human nature.

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The four stages

The Transformation Curve is made up of four stages of learning maturity. The report itself goes into great detail on each of these stages in order to help organisations identify where they currently are, and at what point they need to progress onto the next stage. In this whitepaper, we provide some useful tips and approaches on how to make the leap to the next stage, which you can start applying to your learning strategy today.

The future of learning

At Bray Leino Learning, we are really excited by and passionate about what the Transformation Curve means for the future of learning and development. In the hopes of channelling our passion out towards the learning community, we take an explorative look at what the future of learning would look like for the business, the learner, and the L&D professional if we all were to embrace The Towards Maturity research and apply it to our organisations.

This whitepaper will help you to:

  • Get to the root cause of what’s holding you back from success
  • Align your thinking with your learners and the business
  • Build a learning strategy that will help you reach your goals and objectives
  • Apply the insights of The Transformation Curve to your organisation

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Lauren Dennish, Marketing Executive, Bray Leino Learning

Lauren is passionate about exploring new ways that developing a marketing mindset can help L&D – from creating learning cultures to improving learner engagement.

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