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Stephanie Morgan Is your LMS costing you time and money?

With the global Learning Management System market now sitting at a huge $3 billion, there are thousands of LMSs available. You’ve probably tried a few and may even have found something that matches your needs. But is it delivering without costing the earth?

Is Your LMS Costing You Time And Money 03 01 18

The answer to this question will depend hugely on what you need the system for. If it is simply to track the uptake of SCORM eLearning or downloadable PDFs, then it may tick every box. But if you are looking for something that enables you to deliver accessible, exciting blended learning that increases learner engagement and time to competency, it could be the time to re-evaluate  your system.

Many L&D professionals I talk to often don’t realise they aren’t getting what they need until they get to the stage of building a blend. Then comes expensive add-ons and clunky widgets to make your LMS fit for purpose, even though it never   truly will be.

Here are some great questions to consider when reviewing your LMS and planning your ongoing blended learning strategy.

Is it accessible?

With aims to increase learner engagement, move to a pull learning culture and deliver accessible, exciting learning, blended is the answer for many.

But despite all of the hard work researching, planning and creating the perfect blended learning solution for their people, L&D are often falling down at the final hurdle - delivery.

Learning has transformed to include many different delivery methods, all of which are aimed at delivering truly engaging learning solutions. However, we’re finding that organisations are encountering accessibility issues with their LMSs, which is preventing their people consuming the learning how L&D intended.

For example, if you’ve created performance support materials for people on the road, with aims for them to access as and when they need them, your LMS could be letting you down if it’s not mobile friendly.

Is it quicker to use?

Have you ever calculated the time spent on the administration of training programmes? We have. It can take over two days to set-up training, prepare materials, capture and issue class recordings and all other administration tasks required. This doesn’t even take into account reporting after the event.

Issuing reminders for programmes, update emails and post-programme questionnaires take a huge amount of time to prepare, issue and collate. Does your LMS do this for you?

Administration is one of the largest time stealers in delivering a learning solution to your delegates, so making sure your system allows easy and effective delivery is vital. Let your system do the management and save huge amounts of time, which could be spent on other areas of business.

Can it deliver effective learning solutions?

If you’re delivering virtual classrooms or webinars, your people will expect to be able to access it in the moment, directly from the LMS. If they have to start logging into different systems, attendance levels and engagement will drop. The same goes for other vital elements such as video, social learning forums and games.

You could have a plethora of amazing learning materials – PDFs, SlideShares, videos and much more. But can your system actually support them?

There’s nothing worse for engagement than having to link to an external site to access something. If you are unable to embed videos, or create one-click downloads for your people, there’s no doubt your blended learning will suffer.

Is it cost-effective?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cost – not just administration, but also the cost of the platform itself and the results it yields. Paying thousands of pounds for a platform and spending days organising events is extremely expensive if your people aren’t attending programmes. And if they are attending but not completing or passing the training, how can you continue to justify the cost?

Ideally your solutions should be achieving over 90% for all of the above. If this isn’t happening, try looking at the cost per attendance and/or successful completion – we’ll hazard a guess that it’s quite high.

It’s important to ensure your system is giving something back. It’s the same as the age-old saying that you don’t mind paying for good service. Make sure you are achieving the results your organisation needs to succeed, and you are able to calculate an ROI you’re proud of.

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Does your system deliver everything you need it to? If not, our vLearning platform offers everything you need for the perfect blended learning solution, whilst remaining easy to use and cost effective. Our experience and knowledge allows us to create engaging and effective blended solutions like you’ve never seen before.

Interested? Find out more about our vLearning platform here, or book a free demo to find out exactly what it can do, first hand.

Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan FLPI, Director of Learning Solutions, Bray Leino Learning

Sharing ideas and observations to help improve performance.


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