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Stephanie Morgan The rise of the soft skill – in demand by 2020

It looks like soft skills are making a comeback! Innovation of new technology and socio-economic shifts are just a few of the reasons why the World Economic Forum (WEF) are anticipating a rise in demand for core work-related skills.

Considering the dynamic business climate that we are currently facing, employers are become increasingly concerned with future-proofing their workforce. From ensuring their employees are resilient to change to investing in managers who can lead during times of uncertainty.

By 2020, soft skills that are not currently considered crucial for the job will rise by a third, meaning that employees will have to drastically adapt their skill set to keep up with the evolving demand.

So which soft skills should we be investing in? WEF predictions have given us a glimpse into what a workforce post 2020 could look like, suggesting that the demand for the following soft skills could increase by up to 36%:

 The Rise Of The Soft Skill V2

These predictions demonstrate that the demand for work-related practical skills which help employees perform a variety of tasks successfully will be rising significantly over the next few years…

So, what does this mean for L&D?

Learning and Development professionals could investigate whether these finding are true to their organisations, as well as identifying any industry or sector specific trends in growing skills demands. By anticipating your organisations needs, and by helping the learners develop the skills-set they need to remain relevant, you will ultimately help to future-proof your organisation for the changing business landscape.

If you’re interested in finding out more soft-skills development programme, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help! 

Stephanie Morgan

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