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Lauren Dennish A guide to marketing like an L&D champion

Introducing a brand-new resource!

We’re really excited to announce our brand-new interactive tool, designed to help learning professionals apply marketing techniques and approaches to solve low learner engagement.

Our tool is fully interactive, so you will have the opportunity to answer questions and apply each marketing tip and technique to your organisation instantly – you’ll even get the chance to create your own personalised learner engagement campaign and send it back to our in-house experts for free feedback. You can download the tool here.

What you’ll find inside...

Workbook With Magnifyer

A 6-step marketing process

Verified by a top 5 marketing agency our process is designed to help you transform the way you present learning solutions to your people. Ultimately, this process will help you to create a ‘pull’ learning culture through running successful marketing/L&D campaigns.

A different angle and a new perspective

In each step of the process you will be introduced to new approaches and different ways of thinking. This will help give you a little creative inspiration for when you go to apply each marketing step to your learning strategy. Whether that’s looking at how you can create your own L&D brand or create a message that really motivates your learners.

A personal approach

Each step includes a series of questions and activities to help get you started on your learner engagement campaign. Whether that’s coming up with the features vs benefits of your learning solution or understanding what really motivates your learner in their job.

How it works...

Workbook With Pen And Keyboard

In the form of a workbook, the tool is interactive, and includes questions and exercises for you to complete in each of the 6-steps.

You’ll also have the opportunity to summarise everything you’ve learned with our learner engagement campaign summary at the end of the tool.

It can be filled in electronically by typing in the boxes provided and saving as you go, or if you prefer, you can print it and complete it by hand. The choice is yours.

Download now

And we’ve got some good news!

Our very own Director of Learning Solutions, Stephanie Morgan, and inhouse Marketing Expert, Lauren Dennish are offering you free feedback on your learner engagement campaign! Simply email your completed guide to and they’ll be in touch soon with your feedback.


Lauren Dennish, Marketing Executive, Bray Leino Learning

Lauren is passionate about exploring new ways that developing a marketing mindset can help L&D – from creating learning cultures to improving learner engagement.

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