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Kerry Pascall What are your microlearning options?

As I said in my last blog, microlearning whilst not new, is an important part of the 70:20:10 approach to blended learning

There is no one definition of microlearning, and this is because it is not just categorising formal learning, it can mean any interaction we have which results in us gaining knowledge – therefore informal learning. Also microlearning is not a product. For example, you could not say to your designers ‘let’s make this bit of content a microlearning module’!

No learning experience is just one element - we need to gain knowledge, we need to apply it and we need to reflect and not necessarily in that order.

At Bray Leino Learning, we believe there are 3 core rules to any learning experience no matter what the subject matter:

  • Knowing
  • Doing
  • Reflecting

What Are Your Microlearning Options

When deciding on what your microlearning formats should be, take into account what key learning points you are trying to get across and then select the most optimum solutions to achieve your objectives. For example, for introducing a new process, an infographic or video might work better than a PDF document, whereas to learn a sales technique, a hands on game might be better suited.

There is of course a huge range of activities and resources that you can use as your microlearning formats. The knack is getting the right mix, so your learner has the very best experience and is able to apply the learning back in their role. Remember to have elements that follow the 3 core rules – give them the knowledge, let them do something to help transfer the knowledge and allow them to reflect in order to embed the learning.

We have developed a neat calculator so you can gauge if your content formats are delivering  against the core rules and will be giving your learners an optimum learning experience. Access it via the thumbnail below.

Microlearning Calculator Thumbnail

Our designers can help with any format you need or work with you to determine the best microlearning solutions for your content. Contact us now to discuss this further, or book a consultation with one of our experts.

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Kerry Pascall, Head of Digital Learning, Bray Leino Learning

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