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Natalie Lewendon Is eLearning the right fit for your learning and development?

Our new interactive quiz gives you the chance to find out if eLearning is the right fit for you, your learners, and your organisation.

This quiz will take you through questions in four key areas—Technology, Learning Benefits, Types of Learning and Business Objectives and Culture—to help you get a thorough understanding of whether eLearning will benefit your organisation.

Give the quiz a try to find out what eLearning could do for you!

 Elearning Quiz Ver2

Here at Bray Leino Learning we pride ourselves on our decades of L&D expertise, which we use to advise people professionals on all options for delivering learning content, and the most suitable and cost-effective way of engaging learners and achieving success.

Click here on on the thumbnail to take the quiz and find out if eLearning is right for your organisation!



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