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Kerry Pascall The hottest learning trends of 2017

Welcome to a new year! Amongst other things, 2017 will see the release of another new Star Wars movie, a redesigned iPhone and new albums from some of the world’s biggest recording artists. There are also exciting times ahead in L&D, with a range of change anticipated in learning and development.

With this in mind, I recently wrote an article for theHRDirector outlining what I think will be the biggest L&D trends of 2017. My first top tip is a continued transformation in the way we use video:

Despite claims that video is a n2017Billboardew or innovative technique, it has actually been a widespread tool in professional learning environments since the 1950’s! What is changing rapidly is learners’ relationship with visual media.

We watch more video than ever before in human history. Cisco estimates that visual media accounts for 80% of internet traffic and nearly a million minutes of video are shared every second. In short, your learners watch a lot of stuff.

As such, video in 2017 faces a challenge to be memorable amidst this sea of content! It should therefore contain clear messages to demonstrate specific points, utilise innovative presentation techniques, and fit with other emerging learning trends.

Why not try live video streaming through platforms such as Periscope or Facebook? Live video allows live feedback and interaction with learners without the formality of a webinar. Similarly, social learning is growing exponentially, meaning that learners have a growing interest in sharing videos. Shorter length videos are much more likely to be shared, as are those which really bring a point to life or are humorous!

Want to read more? The full text is available on theHRDirector website.

Let me know whether you agree or disagree with my choices by getting in touch.


Kerry Pascall, Head of Digital Learning, Bray Leino Learning

In my series of blogs you can expect some tips on implementing eLearning, what to consider when commissioning eLearning, design tips, software and authoring pro’s and con’s, and general advice on everything eLearning!

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