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Stephanie Morgan Are you crushing your child’s leadership potential?

Last week, I had a blog published on Huffington Post. In it, I discuss how ‘helicopter parenting’ is affecting the business community and our future leaders, now that millennials are entering the workplace.

Here is an extract...

We’ve all heard the term ‘helicopter parenting’ – which describes the way a mother or father hovers on the periphery, ready to dive in and rescue their progeny before any disaster can befall them. These overprotected, over-praised children may well be high achievers, attaining their academic potential at school, college and university, but en-route, many of them have sidestepped all the important life lessons that can only be learned through personal failure. The result, more often than not, is a graduate with all the boxes ticked on paper, but in many cases missing the soft skills required to succeed and progress in modern organisations. 

Want to read more? The full text is available on the Huffington Post website.

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