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Nigel Walpole Reinforcing employee engagement within your team

Following on from my previous blog, Introducing ongoing engagement strategies into your organisation, which focused on engagement action by HR and L&D professionals, this blog takes a look at how management and peers can reinforce engagement in their teams.

There are many ways that managers and peers can work closely with colleagues to improve engagement and reinforce an organisations commitment to its staff. Of course no single model of engagement can be applicable across diverse organisations – in fact a key message is that your engagement practices need to be tailored to your organisation and correlated to your performance management system. One size definitely does not fit all.



A CEO blog on organisational developments, or of course blogs from the whole senior management team. Organisations recognise the positive effect of this type of communication but also acknowledge the huge effort required to keep them fresh.

Cross-Functional Working

Managers providing opportunities for cross-functional working as a development tool, we have even come across an ‘internal’ apprentice scheme.

‘Ask the Senior Team’

A great welcome inductions for new starters coupled with departmental visits (this proved so successful in one organisation, they extended it back for people who had joined in the previous two years and then continued with monthly events for every staff member).

Internal PR

A new internal PR team to improve communications with representatives from each department / discipline, internal social media systems – the lesson learned in practice of this was that it was vital to determine a variety communications systems that worked for everyone.

Flexible Working

Managers becoming really accountable for making flexible working arrangements work – conference call meetings for home workers, shorter working weeks, flexible term-time arrangements etc.

Job Specific Info

Departmental and job specific information as part of recruitment and induction websites – often ‘a day in the life of…’.

Performance Reviews

Managers accurately reviewing performance and focussing on development needs and career aspirations.


Manager coaching or making coaching or mentors available, especially in relation to career advancement.

Creating Workplaces

Managers facilitating development of inspiring and creative workplaces, and rest and meeting areas.


Introduce initiatives like starting every meeting by recognising one person for a recent accomplishment or holding meetings outdoors for a change of scenery and fresh air, even ‘walking’ meetings.

Social Engagement

A huge range of arrangements to facilitate social ‘engagement’ – conferencing, social media, functions, parties.

Departmental Planning

Managers genuinely involving employees in departmental planning.

Information ‘space’

Use examples of creative work, case studies, updates etc., as a catalyst for feedback and a source of knowledge.

No Email

Managing a regular ‘no-email’ day.


Managers recognising milestones in employees' lives, such as births of children, weddings and professional or private life achievements.

Try introducing some of these examples for engagement into your organisation, but don’t forget to track their success to see what works well for you.


Nigel Walpole

Nigel Walpole, MD, Bray Leino Learning

In my series of blogs I’ll talk through my thoughts on some of the key issues facing managers in the workplace - lessons learnt, tips for success and general musings.

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