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Recruitment is a bigger problem than many anticipated

Last night I attended the CBI South West HR Forum Event, and in attendance were HR representatives from a range of organisations and sizes. The evening included a presentation by Lisa Killbourn, chief strategy officer of Bray Leino, who raised a number of interesting points for discussion on the challenges of recruitment and retention.

The event gave like-minded individuals an opportunity to discuss the issues they are currently facing and how they are dealing with them in the current market. For example, one medium sized family business maintained a family ethos and culture, which had served them well over the years, but they recognised that, in order to move forward as a company, they needed to change. There was also a large business representative that was facing issues around attracting and retaining the right talent, especially in remote locations.Recruitment is a bigger problem than many anticipated

The ever increasing important topic of Employer branding was discussed and how managers’ today need to have the right skills be able to articulate and sell the benefits of working for their company. This was particularly important in industries where competition is fierce.

There was agreement that, in order to attract the right talent, candidates should be taken on a journey from the very first contact through to induction, in order to help increase the chances of them accepting a job offer.

One of points highlighted by Lisa was the difference in perception of employee motivators between managers and employees. They were highlighted as follows:   

When managers are asked to list the Top 10 Motivators for their employees the list looks like this:

When employees are asked to rank their own Top 10 Motivators the list looks like: 

1 - Salary
2 - Bonuses
3 – Annual Leave
4 - Retirement
5 - Other benefits and perks
----------------- the money line ---------------
6 - Interesting work
7 - Involved in decisions
8 - Feedback
9 - Training
10 - Respect

1 - Interesting work
2 - Involved in decisions
3 - Feedback
4 - Training
5 - Respect
----------------- the money line ---------------
6 - Salary
7 - Bonuses
8 – Annual Leave
9 - Retirement
10 - Other benefits and perks

It’s worth highlighting here that Managers rank monetary items as their employees' Top Five Motivators*, whereas employees motivators are actually the opposite.

This is evidence enough that managers need to shift their thinking and change the way they manage and motivate staff in order to keep their new and existing workforce engaged. 

One of the common themes that resonated with most HR managers at the event was how businesses have to manage multigenerational workforces. With up to five different generations now in the workplace, this presented them with new challenges around how to recruit, manage and train employees that have such a mix of expectations, needs and learning styles.

When it came to recruitment, one company implemented a strategy where they included existing younger employees, acting as ambassadors, in the interviewing process. By doing this, it

  • Gave the young prospective candidates a more rounded insight into working for the company, by hearing views of the millennial employees
  • Gave the younger employees the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process, and the opportunity to develop new skills
  • Provided interesting and engaging work and younger workers felt included and valued
  • Provided the business the opportunity to help “sell” the benefits of working for the company

It was quite clear last night that recruitment and selection was a much bigger problem across the board than many have anticipated. Creating a seamless journey, ensuring interviewers are trained in engaging job applicants right from the start and developing a culture that encourages other employees to get involved is much more complex than recruitment was in the past.

Want to find out more about how to create this culture and journey? Get in touch today to discover solutions to your recruitment issues.


Stuart Ford, Learning Solutions Sales Consultant, Bray Leino Learning

In my series of blogs I will talk through my thoughts on some of the key challenges facing Learning and Development professionals, along with useful tips and advice.

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* Source CiteHR


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