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Rachel Matthews The Apprentice - Would you work for £3.33 an hour?

Episode Six – Handy Man
Key Skill: Business Acumen

Episode six of The Apprentice had me laughing on many occasions, when the candidates were tasked with setting up Handy Man businesses and heading out onto the streets of London to do odd jobs.The Apprentice

The concept of this may not seem funny, but Mergim was, quite possibly, the funniest candidate I’ve seen on the show in this episode. Unfortunately, this was through no fault of his own.

The project managers were selected by Lord Sugar this week, given their past experience of managing businesses just like this. Elle headed up one team and Brett the other.

Lots of problems were encountered along the way. April was offering services at only £3.33 per person, per hour, Mergim was making holes in walls and painting over signs, David was wasting materials, Scott was offering a week long job in one day, Brett was trying to over-achieve and Elle did no sort of management at all (and missed the deadline for flyers). Thankfully for Elle, her team succeeded in their job at the theatre, but only because Joseph took the reins and co-ordinated everything.

Overall, the task was a shambles, which was pointed out by Lord Sugar early on in the boardroom. Brett’s team earned more than double the profit of Elle’s team, who were left to face the chop.

One for delivering surprises when you least expect them, Lord Sugar was quick to assure the entire team that Joseph would not be fired this week. Then, in another unexpected turn, he fired project manager Elle there and then, informing sub-team leader Mergim that he had to select people to bring into the boardroom.

Who got fired?
Elle, Mergim and April all got fired in a week-six triple firing!

What could have saved them?
Elle showed no business sense in the entire episode. She was unable to meet deadlines, manage her team, cost jobs effectively or even make decisions. She took a step back and let Joseph take control, which turned out well for him but was a very bad decision on her part.

Mergim was second to go, and I’m not sure what could have saved him. He made bad decisions left, right and centre. He had poor attention to detail, was immature in his approach and had poor customer service. However, it was the most positive firing I’ve ever seen on The Apprentice, with Lord Sugar advising him to continue on his dreams and wishing him the best of luck.

April was last in line to get fired, mainly for her lack of business sense. She was warned in the first episode that she would probably be fired later down the line if she didn’t improve, and her quoting model was enough to make Lord Sugar give her the chop. If she had thought about profit margins and appropriate costings, she may not have been brought back into the boardroom.

Rachel Matthews

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