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Anna Macwilliam 16 questions to ask when selecting an eLearning provider

If you read my previous blog, 12 people to work with for a successful eLearning project, you may have decided that outsourcing your eLearning is the best decision for your organistion. However, before you even start looking for an eLearning provider you need to ask yourself several questions. 

  1. What sort of eLearning do you want?
    Is a generic off-the-shelf module sufficient for your needs, or do you want a bespoke piece of eLearning with your company’s branding and specifically designed to address your learning needs? eLearning comes in many shapes and sizes so establishing what you need from the very start is the best way forward.

  2. Ask yourself what the purpose of the eLearning is. It could be:
    • To convey consistent marketing and product knowledge to a large number of people
    • To communicate the latest legislation on something, such as data protection to the whole organisation
    • To communicate a required process company-wide, such as Recruitment and Selection
    • To provide software training following an IT upgrade or rollout
    • Mandatory training, for example in Health and Safety
    • Part of a professional qualification, in which case the certifier may specify the source of the eLearning
  3. Would peers in your industry recommend an eLearning provider who they have used in the past?

  4. Do they view their provider as a trusted business partner? If so, you can be sure that their experience was positive and the provider worked closely with them to ensure they got exactly what they wanted.What To Look For In An E Learning Provider

  5. Can they provide a solution that suits your budget?

  6. What do you actually want to achieve from the eLearning? You’ll find it helpful to have worked this out before you meet with your shortlisted providers.

  7. Can they show you examples of previous work that they’ve designed and developed? Is it well written, memorable, interactive eLearning?

  8. Can they provide references from former clients?

  9. Can they offer blended learning and self-directed eLearning, using tools such as vLearning and webinars as well as face to face training?

  10. Are they Learning and Development specialists?

  11. Do they provide a dedicated project manager for your project?

  12. Do they have a proof-reader who checks all of the copy?

  13. Do they have a quality control process in place?

  14. Do they test their eLearning to ensure it is SCORM compliant?

  15. Can they offer you a futureproofed solution, and will it work on your system? It’s great to build a cutting edge eLearning module but if you’re still using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier it almost certainly won’t work properly for you.

  16. Will their eLearning work on your LMS? Or can they host it for you if you don’t have your own LMS?

Not sure if you need off the shelf or bespoke eLearning? We take a quick look at the difference to help you take the first steps.

Off the shelf eLearning

Designed to communicate generic information that will be used by multiple companies. This may be suitable for applications such as software training or updates to legislation.

Bespoke eLearning

Custom eLearning developed and designed to reflect your values, branding and messages for use by your organisation alone. This is perfect for communicating sales and marketing on new products or your company’s process, for example your Recruitment and Selection process.

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Anna Macwilliam

Anna Macwilliam, Digital Project Manager, Bray Leino Learning

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