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Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in eLearning

Ask any person with a smart phone how they learned to use it, and the majority will tell you that they learned by ‘doing’. It is no fluke they learned this way; the interface has been carefully designed based on the study of how people interact with computers, or ‘Human Computer Interaction’ (HCI).

The aim of eLearning is to engage the learner, not frustrate them. Therefore, getting HCI right is critical to designing effective eLearning modules. Understanding how people learn and the technology they use provides us with an insight into how to design visual based interfaces, which better fit our learner’s communication skills.

Man -on -Mobile

As designers and developers, Bray Leino Learning are always testing the boundaries to find new novel intuitive ways within HCI and eLearning to excite our learners. After all, a module is often judged by its Graphical User Interface (GUI).  

When designing the structure, the concepts and principles are applied. For example, navigation is easily identifiable and clear and concise. Information and instruction should be clear and descriptive, aesthetically appealing and styled consistently. We aim to give the learner a natural learning experience knowing that quality interactions can provide visual stimuli, which can directly affect the learning process.

As technology moves forward, so does HCI and we have to master this new technology and consider new design and methodologies. With each new module we take into account the client expectations and requests. Sometimes this means throwing out the rule book, rethinking instruction and orientation, not to confuse and frustrate the learner, but to empower them to make their own decisions.

As an eLearning developer at Bray Leino Learning, my aim is to give the learner an interactive dynamic learning journey, within pedagogical reasoning. I am always thinking about the learner experience, what I can deliver within a development process that brings together a functional designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) and technology.


Sue Dingle, Bray Leino Learning

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