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Martin Blazey What’s hot in eLearning development?

As an eLearning developer it is very easy to focus on the here and now, getting the job done for clients on time and meeting the everyday and sometimes unexpected needs of a newly discovered software bug or a new client requirement.

However, in-between the ‘here and now’ activities, there is the occasional outburst or seemingly odd idea that pops up in reaction to a challenge we encounter, meeting a need, or something we see, read or watch. Today I am sharing some of the latest hot topics that are filtering into eLearning more and more – perhaps they spark some further discussion?Whats Hot In Elearning Development

  1. Do we need to start thinking about how Smart Watches might integrate into eLearning?      

  2. What comes after Responsive Design?

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use Oculus Rift in eLearning somehow?

  4. Can the use of Augmented Reality in eLearning be rewarding?

  5. Can we create a learning experience that uses a board game and online learning in a dynamic and socially engaging way – possibly through use of an app?

  6. The use of holograms in eLearning

Do you have any thoughts on these ideas, or perhaps there are some others that you have come across in your office? Get in touch with us to discuss, or contact me directly via Twitter if you think something is missing from the list.


Martin Blazey, Senior eLearning Developer, Bray Leino Learning

In my blogs I will be talking about what to look out for in eLearning, what good eLearning might look like now and in the future, and what some of the most interesting ideas might mean for eLearning as well as a fixation on game-like technologies and how they might be good for eLearning.

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