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Rachel Matthews It’s Adult Learners Week – are you going to ‘have a go’?

This week is Adult Learners Week and, with a #lovetolearn theme, we are excited about the opportunity to encourage adults everywhere to try something new this week.

Adult Learners' Week is a national celebration of lifelong learning. The Week is now in its 24th year and it has inspired Adult Learners' Week celebrations across the world.

At Bray Leino Learning we are extremely passionate about the development of people. That’s why we’re encouraging you to ‘have a go’ this week. Have a go at something you have never tried before, either professionally or personally.Alw _logov1

We love social learning – learning from somebody else or through communicating with others. This is a great way to talk through something you are struggling with or to pick up a skill from someone else.

Many people don’t understand the value of talking through their experiences, understanding the skills of their peers and colleagues, and asking for help and advice. Social learning encompasses all of these things, often leading to important changes in attitudes and behaviours. Discovering how others do things, how they apply their skills and how those methods may benefit the way you work can be extremely valuable.

So this week, when you are having a go at something new in celebration of Adult Learners Week, why not do it with someone you know?

Share a skill with each other or talk through a challenge to learn new ways to do things.

Social learning is part of the 70:20:10 blended learning model. This concept focusses on the understanding that the majority (around 70%) of learning comes through experience, 20% from social learning with colleagues (and others) and 10% through formal learning, such as face to face training courses or eLearning.

Interested in knowing more about blended learning and how it can benefit your organisation? Why not sign up to our free webinar to find out more? You can download it here.

Want to learn more about social learning and how it can fit into your blended learning solution? Contact us today to see how we can help.

Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews, Social Media and Marketing Manager

In my blogs I will look at industry constraints and issues and problems that employees face in their day-to-day work lives.


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