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Rachel Matthews Management success with award-winning programme

Great management and leadership training not only provides a depth and breadth of knowledge perhaps not previously gained, but delivers immediate results and life-long learning.

As learning and development consultants, we strive to always deliver the best training solution, which means we are proud to share results from our Management Development Programme. Recent research into the success of the programme shows outstanding return on investment.

Designed for new managers and those without formal training, we developed our Management Development Programme because there was nothing on the market that encompassed the scientific and psychological theory required to deliver immediate and outstanding results for burgeoning managers.

Initially piloted in 2011, the award-winning programme has resulted in outstanding return on investment, including:

  • A 28% increase in both ability and confidence upon completion,
  • Leadership success with award-winning programme with an additional 16% increase 12 months later as a direct result of the training programme
  • Increase in business improvement, pitching for new business, and organising, planning and achieving results for customers.
  • A sharp increase in productivity, plus overall levels continued to be considerably higher after each module is completed
  • For staff using timesheets to account for all chargeable time, results clearly showed that less time was being wasted and more work was being completed right first time
  • Staff retention improved due to a new sense of security and excitement around the organisation. As a result, new business revenue increased dramatically from £2.6m to £4.4m in just one year
  • Strengthened interdepartmental relationships
  • Increased motivation, trust and loyalty within the organisation
  • 66% increase in the number of internal promotions since the programme began

And if the results don’t speak for themselves, our delegates certainly do:

“I learned a system where I can manage my workload more effectively.”

“There are a lot of little lessons that you take away – a lot of insights into yourself and other people.”

“What made it really effective is that everything could be related back to my job and the challenges I was facing.”

“This leadership training course has made me more efficient and more effective in my day-to-day interpersonal professional relationships.”

“It has made me more confident and made a real difference to how effective I am at my job.”

“It was the best training course I have ever attended.”

Want to see these results in your organisation? Get in touch today to see if the Management Development Programme is the right solution for your people.

Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews, Social Media and Marketing Manager

In my blogs I will look at industry constraints and issues and problems that employees face in their day-to-day work lives.


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