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Kerry Pascall The use of video in eLearning

The use of video in a learning environment is engaging, inspiring and can provide interactive situations that could be otherwise difficult to create. But how do you decide whether a video clip should be used within your eLearning project? There are lots of questions surrounding the integration of video, including what are the most common subjects or scenarios where video can be an excellent choice? Here are some ideas based on our experience:

  • To demonstrate a specific function, for example, blood flow in a medical eLearning moduleDirector
  • To demonstrate good and poor examples of  behaviour or interpersonal skills
  • To create an interactive conversational scenario, for example, a sales skills process
  • When you want learners to make observations, for example, health and safety or driving hazards
  • To replace what would be a role play scenario in traditional learning, for example, interviewing skills
  • To create buy in, for example, using video clips of colleagues/managers/leaders talking about their experience or top tips
  • To demonstrate a process where images, animation or illustration cannot adequately present the learning objective
  • To engage with multi-generational teams. Don’t forget that Gen Y and Z learners actively use YouTube, as a way to source information and learn. This means they may expect to watch and learn in the workplace and are less keen on reading overload

Technology means you can now shoot high quality video yourself and therefore it is not as expensive as you might think. However, in our experience, for corporate eLearning there is still very much a requirement to have a ‘proper’ film crew and for the video output to be of TV standard quality. Whichever option you decide upon will of course depend on time and money. There are a number of other criteria you should take into consideration:

  • Are there alternative ways to present the information?
  • Is there a measurable benefit for the learner to learn via video?
  • Have you got the budget?
  • Does your development timeline allow for a video to be created?
  • Have you got the means to film a clip or do you need to outsource?
  • Do YOU have the experience to write scripts, direct actors (if using) and manage a film crew?

Here at Bray Leino, we can offer a range of video options for your eLearning projects, using our own AV team. Contact us today to discuss how eLearning can benefit your organisation.


Kerry Pascall, Head of Digital Learning, Bray Leino Learning

In my series of blogs you can expect some tips on implementing eLearning, what to consider when commissioning eLearning, design tips, software and authoring pro’s and con’s, and general advice on everything eLearning!

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