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/Rachel Matthews How much is your LMS costing you?

There are thousands of Learning Management Systems on the market. You may have tried a few and may even have found something that matches your needs. But is it delivering without costing the earth?

The answer to this question will depend hugely on what you want the system for. If it is simply to track the uptake of SCORM eLearning or downloadable PDF’s, then it may tick every box. But if you are looking for something that enables you to deliver more advanced re-engineered and truly blended learning, something that saves time yet delivers over and over again, this could be the time to re-evaluate your systems.

We often talk to clients who don’t realise they aren’t getting what they need because they didn’t know what was available to them. Sound familiar? Then read on (we’re saving the best until last).

Does it drive efficiency?

Reengineering your face to face and eLearning solutions are becoming a ‘must’ in the learning industry. There is certainly a natural element to this, such as social learning and research via Google and YouTube, but creating something truly blended drives efficiency in a learning environment.

Administration time is so often spent directing learners to the development best suited to them, but what if they could do that themselves? What if assignments, quizzes, virtual classrooms, eLearning and all other elements could be collated in such a way that your people are researching what they want and building their own learning programme?

Content-rich, multimodal programmes should be created in a couple of clicks, meaning maximum productivity with minimum effort or expense.

Does it speed things up?

Have you ever calculated the time spent on the administration of training programmes? We have. It can take over two days to set-up training, prepare materials, capture and issue class recordings and all other administration tasks required. This doesn’t even take into account reporting after the event.Vlearning

Issuing reminders for programmes, update emails and post-programme questionnaires take a huge amount of time to prepare, issue and collate. Does your LMS do this for you?

Administration is one of the largest time stealers in delivering a learning solution to your delegates, so making sure your system allows easy and effective delivery is vital. Let your system do the management and save huge amounts of time, which could be spent on other areas of business.

Does it offer effective learning solutions?

Every learner is different, and with the multi-generational workplace we are currently in it is important to make all training programmes appealing and engaging to a wide spectrum of people in order for them to achieve the results you require.

Lots of LMS’s offer the ability to add content in the form of eLearning programmes, but does yours also have the option to add face-to-face and virtual classrooms, documents, videos, web research and links, quizzes and surveys, social discussions, assignments and exercises?

Truly effective learning solutions consider and cater for different learning styles, whilst encouraging participants to stretch themselves for improved results.

Does it break the bank?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cost – not just the administration time that we talked about above, but also the cost of the platform itself and the results it yields. Paying thousands of pounds for a platform and spending days organising events is extremely expensive if your people aren’t attending programmes. And if they are attending but not completing or passing the training, how can you continue to justify the cost?

Ideally your solutions should be achieving over 90% for all of the above. If this isn’t happening, try looking at the cost per attendance and/or successful completion – we’ll hazard a guess that it’s quite high.

You should also consider how your system curates information. Does everything need to be in a specific format, or do you need to email additional materials in order for learners to have everything they need?

Creating new documents and manually circulating them is time consuming and costly. Wouldn’t it be better to use what you already have, in the format you have it in?

It’s important to ensure your system is giving something back. It’s the same as the age old saying that you don’t mind paying for good service. Make sure you are achieving the results your organisation needs to succeed.

Does it tick all of the boxes?

Yes? Fantastic – you’ve found the perfect solution for your organisation!

Not quite? We may have just the answer for you. Our vLearning platform offers everything you need for the perfect blended learning solution, whilst remaining easy to use and cost effective. Our experience and knowledge allows us to create engaging and effective blended solutions like you’ve never seen before.

Interested? Find out more about our vLearning platform here, or contact us now to organise a free demo to find out exactly what it can do, first hand.

Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews, Social Media and Marketing Manager

In my blogs I will look at industry constraints and issues and problems that employees face in their day-to-day work lives.


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