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Rachel Matthews Are you missing out on top talent?

Organisations throughout Europe could be missing out on top talent due to inflexibility in working practices.

A recent report published by IPPR shows that two-thirds of women in the UK are unable to vary their working hours and 25% of women say they find it difficult to take an hour or two off work for personal matters.

The report states that flexible working options can play a part in raising employment rates for women and can even reduce the number of women who are working below their skill level or underemployed in terms of hours.

The UK, in particular, has a lack of part-time positions in highly skilled roles for highly qualified workers.  Flexible working options are in high demand amongst working women and could increase the average working hours of women. Given that a third of women in the UK working part-time are not happy with the amount of hours they work (25% want to work less and 13% want to work more hours), this could have a huge impact on employment.

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Remember that new laws were passed in April 2014 to extend the right to request flexible working hours to all employees. 25% of all employees have requested flexible working hours since the new legislation passed, and around 80% of requests have been partially or fully instated.With so many highly qualified workers available, it may be time to review flexible working policies in order to attract and retain top talent. If you’re not entirely sure how this could affect you, take a look at one of our blogs, ‘What’s the definition of agile working?’ as this may be the answer for your organisation.

Currently 41.7% of women in the UK work part-time hours due to caring responsibilities. By introducing flexible working options you could be giving your organisation the opportunity to access a larger pool of high-performing talent that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to harness talent that could already be available to you. If you have highlighted a gap in your team, establish if any of your people have the skills to perform the role, and create a flexible position that can benefit both parties. The right person, with the right skills, should be able to perform effectively even on a part-time basis.

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Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews, Social Media and Marketing Manager

In my blogs I will look at industry constraints and issues and problems that employees face in their day-to-day work lives.


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