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Rachel Matthews Get some headspace

Part of our Resilience Programme focuses on mindfulness and the importance of meditation. As we all know it can be difficult to fit breaks and ‘relaxation time’ into our daily routines. Other tasks and important deadlines always take precedent.

But what if I told you that taking as little as ten minutes a day to ‘get some headspace’ can actually improve your productivity?

Many of our participants have been testing out some meditation and mindfulness apps that are available today.

One particularly popular app is Headspace. Tried and tested by a number of participants, it provides the ability to make practicing simple mindfulness techniques easy.

Alan Mead, Head of Learning at Bray Leino, has provided a great review on his experiences as a long term user.

“Headspace is an app offering a comprehensive programme of meditations guided by Andy Puddicombe, a former Tibetan monk, who seems to be becoming quite a spokesman for the benefits of meditation and mindfulness generally. I’ve been using it for three years now and I can’t imagine a time in the future when I will stop using it!

You start with a series of ten free ten minute sessions called ‘Take 10’, supported by a short introductory video. After that you can subscribe and progress through ‘Take 15’ and ‘Take 20’ and thereafter, there is a menu of options that let you tailor a programme to your needs and circumstances.

Based on the benefits I gain from regular use – feeling more relaxed, less stressed and generally happier with life – I would give Headspace 10/10.”

Try Headspace today by clicking here. For more information on our Resilience Programme, download our outline.

Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews, Social Media and Marketing Manager

In my blogs I will look at industry constraints and issues and problems that employees face in their day-to-day work lives.


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