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Rachel Matthews The Apprentice - Business research is essential

The final episode of The Apprentice aired on Sunday, and the remaining two finalists battled it out with a presentation to industry experts and Lord Sugar.

Episode Twelve – The Final

Key Skill: Business Planning

In the final episode, Joseph and Vana battled it out to become Lord Sugar’s business partner. Following on from the interview stage, both contestants were aware of the concerns Lord Sugar had for their businesses so had the opportunity to do further research to alleviate his concerns.The Apprentice - Business research is essential

Vana’s dating app concerns were around how quickly she would get through the £250,000 investment. She selected her team and they went through branding exercises to create adverts and logos, finally settling on the name ‘Date Play’.

Vana sent two of her team off to do some research with industry experts, a point Lord Sugar wasn’t too clear on because she didn’t go herself. However, she did speak to a leading name in the industry who confirmed she could get the app off the ground with the investment.

Joseph and his team decided on the name ‘Prime Time Plumbers’, and then he met with a panel of industry experts to discover how he could grow his business quickly, which was where the concerns lay for him.

His networking and leadership skills shone through here, as he managed to not only get the experts to appear on film advising that they would be happy to work with him, but also got all of their business cards and sound advice.

At the presentation stage, both candidates were clear and concise on what they wanted to achieve. Vana confirmed in the boardroom that the investment would be to get the app off the ground and further investment would be required to promote and run it.

Lord Sugar appeared surprisingly lenient in the boardroom, which gave viewers the impression that both candidates had successfully answered all of his questions, which meant the decision came down to the business choice and the individual.

Who got hired?


Why did he win?

It seemed like a close competition. Lord Sugar’s background is in technology so he appeared to be leaning towards Vana’s app, but instead he went for a change in direction and selected Joseph for his strong track record, enthusiasm and excellent leadership skills. It was also a plus that he had stuck to an industry he was already an expert in.

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