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Rachel Matthews The Apprentice - Knowing your product

Episode nine of The Apprentice was not without its surprises. The eight remaining contestants were selling property in London. Starting with winning over the developers and then selling to interested parties, the two teams fought it out in one of the last few tasks.

Episode Nine – Property Agents

Key Skill: Attention to DetailThe Apprentice - Knowing your product

When selling property in this task, attention to detail was key. Initially, this was through showing enthusiasm in the developments, asking the right questions and gaining a thorough understanding of the area and market.

Connexus, headed up by Project Manager Richard, shone through in this part of the task. Vana’s knowledge of architecture really paid off and she and Richard won over both developers in the high-end market. They showed real interest in the properties, asked the right questions and knew the market inside out by the end of the task (or as well as they could this quickly).

Versatile, headed up by Joseph, did not do so well. The teams were split based on not wanting to put Charleine and Selina together, and no real understanding of the market was gained. However, Charleine still managed to sell a property on day one.

On day two, Scott – team Connexus – was completely unprepared. He was showing properties with incorrect descriptions, advising viewers of things that weren’t there, and Brett had to step in often to correct him. However, Brett made the same mistake when showing a property view through the wrong window. It was only when Karren highlighted the error that the customer made the decision not to buy.

These were perfect examples of not paying attention and forgetting the detail – a core component to the failure of property sales, and many other things.

Joseph and Selina didn’t do much better. When posed with difficult questions, they made up answers and were called up on it by clients. Their poor approach meant no sales for Selina and only one for Joseph. Luckily for them, Charleine did very well in the mid-range market, drumming up several sales because of her conscientious approach.

Back in the boardroom, commissions were calculated and the winner was Connexus - by an astonishing £47,066.53. However, Lord Sugar pointed out that Scott’s performance was not acceptable and he was lucky that he was on the winning team this week. In an unexpected turn of events, Scott quit the show there and then, making him the first contestant to ever quit out of anger.

When Versatile came back into the boardroom, Charleine was immediately saved due to her sales and Joseph, Selina and Gary faced firing. Amongst much bickering, Lord Sugar pointed out several errors and asked the remaining contestants to convince him of why they should stay.

Who got fired?


What could have saved her?

There are so many reasons that Selina got fired. However, in this task, she sold nothing, refused to take any responsibility for her failures, had a negative attitude towards the other candidates, and this resulted in her being an unappealing choice for Lord Sugar to hire.

Rachel Matthews

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