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Anna Macwilliam The cheat sheet for quality checking eLearning

As a Project Manager, I spend a lot of time checking and testing eLearning modules. Over time I’ve compiled a list of things to look at to make sure I don’t miss anything, and thought it would be useful to share. So, here are my cheat sheet and top tips for quality checking and testing eLearning. 

If you build it, get someone else to check it

Once you’ve spent days building a new module you become so familiar with the pages that you will see what you think should be there rather than what is actually there, meaning it is essential that a fresh pair of eyes check the module.

Check everything

This includes the fonts used, alignment of imagery, words on the page, flow, consistency of style, voiceovers, all the interactions, video, questions and any hyperlinks or downloads.

Consider the deviceCheat Sheet

Check the device(s) the client will be using to deploy the learning on and check every single interaction on all of the devices they will use (PC/Mac/tablet/mobile phone). Is the module responsive?

Know your browsers

Check the module using the same browser that the client uses, and make sure it’s the same version. Many large organisations are restricted to one browser, and if they’re operating an older version of the browser, cutting edge designs may not work. Check that no functionality is locked down, for example pop-up windows.

Be aware of operating systems

Check the version of windows the client is using, and check the module using this version.

LMS friendly eLearning

Check the LMS that the eLearning will be stored on, test the module on the LMS. Check that the module shows the correct status in the LMS that is being used.

Country regulations

Check that the accessibility conforms to the regulations in the country that the module is going to be viewed in.

Is it easy to navigate?

If the pages are supposed to be locked or unlocked, check that they are; check that the menu links are working and that the navigation is visible.

Final checks!

And, finally, check twice and publish once!

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Anna Macwilliam

Anna Macwilliam, Digital Project Manager, Bray Leino Learning

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