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Choosing the right LMS for your organisation

Choosing the right Learning Management System (LMS) for your business can seem like a bit of a mind field. You may have looked at all the technical facts, but have you thought about the learning aspect?

  • What type of learning are you planning on delivering?
  • When does this need to be achieved by?
  • What are your learning outcomes, and which activities and resources are you planning to use to achieve them?
  • Are you planning to use a blended or flipped learning approach?
  • How are your learners going to access the material?  

A good LMS should contain activities, resources, social learning and virtual events, which, when combined, guide the learner though their individual or group learning paths.

But we have to take into account the type of business you are and whether your learning is to be ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’.   The way to get the best out of an LMS is to really understand what the learner wants and needs, to simply to use one as a dumping ground for documents is never going to excite your learner.Pedagogy

Instead, consider clever visual ways to deliver the learning; for example, any document can be hidden behind an image link. Use embedded video, virtual events and other widgets such as Twitter or LinkedIn to deliver content from the web directly into your course. Give your learners some sort of incentive like offering course and site badges as they complete elements of the learning.    

By using features like forums, blogs, messaging and Wikis, an LMS can be used to overcome the feeling of isolation, and offer a collaborative environment where peer learning and self-reflection can take place. By creating content and expressing our views online we can construct a course for others to follow or debate. Ask yourself this, does my LMS follow revised Blooms Taxonomy?

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Sue Dingle, Bray Leino Learning

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