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vLearning Platform: Learning in the Digital Age

What is vLearning?

To be honest I had never come across the concept of vLearning before I started working at Bray Leino Learning.

My experience with training in a business environment has always been quite traditional and limited to classroom based sessions. I asked friends and family about their knowledge on the subject, but I received blank looks or vague theories of what it might be. Vlearning 

For those who don't know what vLearning is, it is an online training platform that allows an unlimited number of learners to join in on live, interactive classroom/coaching sessions, and enables them to take part in self-paced learning.

In this digital age we are currently witnessing a dynamic shift in the Learning and Development Industry, where classrooms are moving towards the online platform, and businesses are trying to map the offline experience to match this transition. 

People’s learning needs are constantly changing and adapting too.  Our expectations are much higher nowadays, and we look for more and more flexible approaches to learning that meets all of our requirements.

It's no wonder why businesses sometimes find it so hard to encourage employees to engage in learning and development!

‘They cannot afford time out of the workplace’

Nigel Walpole has recently used this example in his blog ‘Maximising Attendance on Training Courses’ which is a common response when people are asked about L&D. Distance and time out of work can be a barrier for some organisations, which is having the option of vLearning as a training solution is so important.

That is one of the reasons Bray Leino Learning launched the vLearning Platform - to streamline the features of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as assessments, reporting and schedules etc., and take it into the virtual online field. By doing so, it allows learners to access short learning modules at a time and place to suit them, creating a flexible approach to development.

So far, we have carried out a number of live webinar courses via the vLearning Platform, with the most recent session being ‘Think, Act and Deliver Like a Coach’ by Denise Campbell. These sessions have proven to be a success  and we are pleased to have had some international users join in too.

Why use vLearning?

There’s no doubt that there are still certain advantages of using classroom based training sessions, and these could range from  the ability to network and create dialogue across participants, to allowing the trainer to observe and gauge the participants comprehension on the subject matter. However, with vLearning, the learning does not just end in the classroom – or the virtual classroom in this case. The big difference is that, although the participants aren’t physically together, they are “together” in the sense that they are all logged into the same virtual classroom.

Participants can simultaneously view learning materials, often in the form of a PowerPoint slideshow. The ability to connect via voice, webcam and chat creates an online classroom environment where the facilitator and delegates can share media such as audio or video recordings, websites and desktop documents.

Learners have the ability to access the vLearning platform anytime, anywhere as long as they have access to the internet. This includes the ability to view various resources such as eLearning or eBooks, documents or even videos which are accessible either concurrently with the classroom session or at a later date.

How will it benefit my organisation?

  • Reach a wider audience – if your organisation operates internationally or you work remotely, this is the perfect way to bring learners together without having to exclude anyone based on location
  • Consistent learning for all – this way you will bring all your organisational teams together, locally or globally, with one learning solution
  • Cost and efficiency – Deploy learning quickly and avoid huge expenses by allowing learners to access the portal locally. Moreover, the software is hosted in the cloud, so learners can access everything via the web. The good news for businesses is that there’s no software, installation or maintenance costs either!
  • Manage learning – the vLearning Platform is very adaptable so you have the flexibility to design your own learning solutions that are outlined on the individuals learning plan
  • Measure performance – the platform will allow managers to monitor, capture and create reports on all learner activities

How will it benefit the individual?

  • Quick and easy access – everything is accessed securely via the web and is readily available whenever you need it
  • Ongoing learning activities – bite-sized learning instead of a ‘one-off event’
  • Flexibility – learning at a pace that suits you and your learning style
  • Greater learning engagement – Increased interaction and the use of a variety of learning materials will hopefully help you gain more knowledge and help develop better skills

The emphasis behind vLearning is to approach learning in a pace that suits the individual, to create practice over theory and build an environment where learners can gain more knowledge and develop their skill set, without pressures of certain organisational barriers.

Contact us on 01271 337110 to discuss if vLearning is the right solution for you. 


Nitika Frost

Nitika Frost, Client Services Executive

In my series of blogs I’ll talk through my thoughts on some of the processes we use to learn in today’s world.

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