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/Nigel Walpole Top tips for leaders – part one

Being a leader is a complex role. It’s about setting an example, determining a strategy, taking risks and keeping to your values.

But it’s also about talent management, creating opportunities and making decisions.

And some say it’s about being influential and being influenced.

Some believe it is simply ‘Charisma.’

The concept of ‘learning how to be charismatic’ always provokes a boisterous debate - but it’s fair to say that all of the other aspects can be learnt, then practiced, and eventually perfected – so focussing on those will definitely help you along the road.

Based on some of the feedback we get from leaders attending our Management Development Programme training courses, I wanted to prepare a blog listing the top ten factors a leader had to consider but I just couldn’t keep the list to ten. So over a series of five blogs, I am going to attempt to list the top 50 leadership tips for you.

These are not necessarily in any area of priority and of course much of the complexity comes from the subtlety required from those in a leadership role. I am sure this will provoke debate - things you will want to add, adjust or take away. Do let me know your views.

Here is the first 10, please keep a look out for the rest of the series.

  1. Have a clear vision
    A vision of what you and the organisation are working towards is important.

  2. Communicate their vision to everyone
    If you want others to work with you towards the vision, they need to know what it is.

  3. Be consistent
    Consistency builds trust and rapport.

  4. Keep to your principles and values
    You want others to share your principles and values.

  5. Do what you expect of others
    Lead by example.

  6. Walk the talk
    Be seen to practice what you preach.

  7. Enjoy promoting people
    Good leaders are not threatened by others’ talents.

  8. Be quick to give credit to people who have earned it
    People you lead need to feel successful and will be resentful if the leader pinches the credit.

  9. Train people to take on more challenging tasks
    They develop and your part of the organisation develops.

  10. Develop people’s confidence
    People need confidence in themselves, their jobs and the value of their jobs.

Please keep an eye out for the rest of the series.

Contact us for more information on the Management Development Programme and how it can help your managers develop.

Nigel Walpole

Nigel Walpole, MD, Bray Leino Learning

In my series of blogs I’ll talk through my thoughts on some of the key issues facing managers in the workplace - lessons learnt, tips for success and general musings.

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