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The Secret to Creating a Culture of Learning in the Workplace

Last week, 19th - 25th May, was National Learning at Work Week. All over the country, employees have had the chance to learn something new, reflect on their learning needs and have fun.

This government funded initiative is intended to give a boost to the economy by raising skills - ‘The economic prosperity of the UK depends on how many people are in work and how productive these people are in the workplace’ (CIPD 2014), but the impact on employee satisfaction and well-being is just as important.

For companies wishing to participate, the Campaign for Learning provided a wealth of activities and free resources via their website and shared good practice via their Twitter hashtag #NLAWWEEK.

Learning at Work Week is a very successful initiative, generating a great deal of activity. Can this enthusiasm for L&D be sustained? How do you create a culture of learning in your organisation?

  • Play - Make space and time for employees to play and experiment. Create a safe environment where employees are not afraid to try things out and learn from their mistakes.
  • Build - Acknowledge your employees’ existing skills and build on these. Find out what skills they use outside of work and see how these could benefit your company.
  • Challenge - Devise challenges for all your employees to attempt, from improving turnover to brightening up the staffroom and reward the skills they develop in the process.
  • Indulge - Support staff in the pursuit of their own interests and personal development. This will make them a happier, more efficient worker and a better learner when you need to train them.
  • Share - Use your company intranet, newsletter and team meetings to facilitate peer support and knowledge sharing. Share across departments and professions. Let your most experienced employees mentor new members of staff and let new staff share their fresh ideas with the company.
  • Reward - Shout about your employees’ accomplishments, reward with feedback, badges and prizes as well as recognised qualifications.
  • Results - Record the results of all this formal and informal learning and measure its effect. Publicise the impact of learning on your organisation, internally and externally using traditional and social media.

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Catherine Sellars

Catherine Sellars, Editor

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