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World Cup 2014: An HR nightmare or L&D dream?

Company bosses may be resigning themselves to the 250 million hours lost through absenteeism and low morale but L&D departments have an opportunity that only comes around once every 4 years.

Man With FootballThe 2010 FIFA World Cup cost the UK more than £1.5 billion in lost productivity but this was offset by increased spending on entertainment, drink and electrical goods and the long term positive effect on the nation’s health created by an increase in physical activity, inspired by the event. L&D professionals can tap into this increased interest in sport and develop a strategy to build on their staff’s team spirit.

Create goodwill for the company by setting aside space and time for staff to watch important games. As many games kick off at five, disruption of the typical working day could be kept to a minimum as it will prevent staff leaving early. This may not be as straight forward for shift workers.

Get staff involved in decorating the space and bringing in their own homemade snacks for half time. Sell these to raise money for your company charity.

Organise a World Cup themed picnic or event to create team spirit and increase a sense of belonging. Make it a bonding experience with all levels of staff involved.

Decide which games will be available and promote these on your intranet. Take account of the nationality of your staff to be as inclusive as possible.

Take the opportunity to promote equality and diversity by sharing information about different cultures, languages and exploring the common love of sport.

Boost numeracy and literacy by sharing tables, football charts and graphs for staff to complete as the competition develops.

Use the event as a way of getting more staff on to your intranet or virtual learning environment. Posting World Cup news, events and activities via your internal communications should see an upsurge in use.

Be aware that some of your staff will have no interest in the World Cup and may feel resentful that some staff are not pulling their weight during the event. Poll staff to discover what kind of event, activity or benefit they would like to keep things fair.

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Catherine Sellars

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