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I never make new year’s resolutions, but…

I never make new year’s resolutions. But as a new year begins, I always I take the time to look back at what I’ve accomplished in the past 12 months. In work, at home, and socially.

I then to reflect on where I have been and then take the time to plot where I will be going in the future. 

I think about our business strategy, where we want to be, how will we get there, what needs altering? What will keep us engaged, excited, driven?

I think about my home and family life and what I want to make of the 12 months ahead of me can I be a better Sister, Daughter, Partner by giving more of my time effectively – yes!

I think about my social life and hobbies and what I want to achieve health and fitness wise. 

Who and what will challenge and inspire me – how can I actively seek these challenges and engagements?

I also think about what I don’t want to spend my precious time on, what time I wasted, what achievements I could have made had used my time more efficiently. 

Last year was good, but this year will be better. More productive, more exciting, more profitable. To start the year how I mean to continue I am looking forward to being taught new tricks that allow me to claw back precious wasted minutes. 

Join me!

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9th January @ 14:00

So, how was your year? And how do you want to spend your time in 2014?


Shona Fletcher, Service Delivery Director

Working in and managing remote teams is more and more common. In my series of blogs I’ll talk through my experiences, lessons learnt, tips for success and general musings.

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