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Anna Macwilliam My Top 10 Social Learning sources on Twitter

As I’ve mentioned before in my blogs I think we can learn so much from reading on Twitter, yes there is a lot to trawl through before we find the nuggets but once you’ve identified the right people to follow it can make all the difference.

Here are my current top 10 social learning sources (in alphabetical order). All of the people listed below produce an impressive number of blogs, articles and thought provoking tweets and I would encourage anyone who is interested in Social Learning to follow them:

  1. Cammy Bean @cammybeanChick
  2. Ben Betts @bbetts
  3. Jane Bozarth @JaneBozarth
  4. Marco Faccini @Marcoable
  5. Jane Hart @C4LPT
  6. David Kelly @LnDDave
  7. Colin Steed @ColinSteed
  8. Julian Stodd @julianstodd
  9. Donald H Taylor @DonaldHTaylor
  10. Bianca Woods @eGeeking

I’ve said this before but one of the things I love about Twitter is that there are no borders, we have access to thought leaders throughout the world. For example I’ve just been reading a write up by Bianca Woods on a session delivered by Marc Rosenberg on Social Learning at the ASTD TechKnowledge conference which took place in January in Las Vegas – here’s a link if you fancy reading it

And the top 5 aspects of Social Learning they’re currently talking about?

  • 70:20:10
  • ASTD 2014
  • Backchannel
  • Collaboration/Curation
  • LT14

Happy reading!

Anna Macwilliam

Anna Macwilliam, Digital Project Manager, Bray Leino Learning

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