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Anna Macwilliam Have you ever considered Pinterest as a great source for Social Learning?

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No, I hadn’t either until I read someone else’s blog recently, but as well as a fantastic array of images of everything from the perfect recipe to ideas for nail art, there are also thousands of snippets of information, clips, quotes and infographics saved on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great way to while away half an hour when you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive but it’s also a fantastic source of inspiration when you’re struggling for ideas for a project you are working on or even a blog you’re struggling to write!

Just by searching for Social Learning I stumbled on a TED talk about social learning which suggests that within a short time 90% of the web’s data will be via video. This idea ties in with my previous blog about the advantage of social learning giving us access to thought leaders we would never have the opportunity to meet, all from the comfort of our desk or home.


It’s not all great, I do have a few frustrations with Pinterest as a source of information, particularly on the latest thinking; for example from Pinterest I don’t know when this TED talk was recorded, or if the statistics are still valid, but with a bit of drilling down the information is available.

Why don’t you try searching on Pinterest for an area of interest and have a browse through what comes up, not everything will be relevant or of interest but you may just stumble across something that takes you in a whole new direction.

Anna Macwilliam

Anna Macwilliam, Digital Project Manager, Bray Leino Learning

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